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Joshua's Mowing & Trimming LLC 
At Joshua's Mowing & Trimming LLC, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their needs.  We provide a wide range of services to miantain your lawn and landscape.  Please refer to Lawn Care Services for additioanl services available.
We can install mulch in your flower beds and other areas in a variety of colors (hardwood, black, brown, red and pine products).  Mulch will help suppress weed growth, maintain moisture for your plants and shrubs, and enhance the beauty of your landscape.  Bed edging is available to provide a clean edge between your lawn and flower beds.
Ornamental Bed Maintenance
We can save your time by planting annual or perennial flowers to provide color in your landscape.  Maintenance service is also availble to weed your beds during the year.
Shrub Trimming/Ornamental Tree Pruning
We can provide seasonal trimming to maintain the shape of your shrubs and ornamental trees. 
Landscape Installation and Removal

We can help you if you need to install new landscaping, or if it is time to remove and replace your existing overgrown landscaping.
Please contact us by completing the e-mail link on the Home Page or at 614-890-5316.