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​Your lawn and landscaping at your office can provide the first impression for your customers.  We can provide you with the services to provide the professional image of your landscape allowing you to focus on the needs of your customers and business.  We can work with you to develop a maintenace plan that will meet the needs of your office at an affordable price.
We provide a five step application that can be customized for your specific needs.  This program will feed your lawn throughout the year to encourage strong root growth and greener lawns.  We primarily use organic fertilizers throughout the year (except for a crabgrass prevention treatment in early spring) to minimize any impact to the environment and spot spray for weeds as needed for weed control.
Core Aeration services can also be provided to improve the benefits of fertilization, reduce the impact of compacted soils thereby improving root growth, and water and oxygen absorption in the soil.

We will provide weekly mowing as needed including edge trimming curbs and hardscapes.  We continue work throughout the fall to pick-up and remove leaves for an additional fee as needed.

Lawn Care
Lawn Applications

We can install mulch in your flower beds and other areas in a variety of colors (hardwood, black, brown, red and pine products).  Mulch will help suppress weed growth, maintain moisture for your plants and shrubs, and enhance the beauty of your landscape.  Bed edging is available to provide a clean edge between your lawn and flower beds.
We can provide several other services to improve the image of your office.  Seasonal trimming can be provided to maintain the shape of your shrubs and ornamental trees.  Planting of annual or perennial flowers will provide additional color in your landscape.  Monthly maintenance services are also available to weed your ornamental beds during the growing season.

We can install trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plantings in your landscape. If needed, we can remove existing overgrown landscape and replace with a  new fresh landscape.
We know how important it is for your customers to be able to enter and exit your office during the winter months.  We offer a full line of services including snow removal for your parking lot and sidewalks.  We also provide salting services to address those icy days we encounter so frequently in Central Ohio.
Snow Removal
Please contacts us by completing the e-mail link on the home page or at 614-890-5316 to discuss your lawn care needs.
It has been such peace of mind having you help us duing the last year.  Our grass looks healthier than ever.  The fertilization schedule you do has been great, and it looks great at our home, too.  When I neglected to get to the task of trimming my office shrubs, you nicely offered to take on that project.  It looked much more professional than what I had been doing.  

Last week there was a thin layer of ice, which is more dangerous for pedestrians than 6 inches of snow.  You made the judgement call and salted early enough that when we opened at 8:30, everything was safe.

I like working with you because you are dependable, knowledgeable, fair and easy-going.

Dr. Jones